Ha Nguyen

PhD Student, STEM Teaching & Learning

I study the co-design of technology-supported learning with teachers, students, and community partners.

Current Projects

Researcher, UX Designer

Advisor: Dr. June Ahn, UC Irvine. Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grants 1719744; 1620851; 1621238; 1620863.

Design a data visualization platform using learning analytics in a research practice partnership with teachers, coaches, and school administrators in school districts across the U.S. to help teachers improve on daily practice in Math engagement and student relationship.

September 2018 - Current


Crystal Code: Systems Thinking in Community Science

Advisor: Dr. Rossella Santagata, UC Irvine.

Collaborate with Crystal Cove State Park educators, teachers, and environmental biology scientists to develop a middle school curriculum on ecosystem, combining physical computing and modeling with community science.

September 2018 - Current


Advisor: Dr. Mark Warschauer, UC Irvine. NSF Grant 1738825.

Develop materials with linguistic scaffolding to teach computer science for upper elementary students as part of a research-practice partnership. Perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of student learning and attitudes towards computer science.

June 2018 - Current


University of California-Irvine

PhD in Education
STEM Teaching and Learning
Expected June 2023

Duke University

Bachelor of Arts
Public Policy; Japanese; Education
May 2018


Journal Articles

Jacob, S., Nguyen, H., Tofel-Grehl, C., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. (2018). Teaching computational thinking to English learners. NYS TESOL Journal, 5(2), 12-24.

Conference Presentations

Jacob, S., Nguyen, H., Garcia, L., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. Design of Computational Thinking Curriculum for Multilingual Learners. Showcase at Connected Learning Summit. October 2019. Irvine, CA.

Nguyen, H. Social Discourse to Promote Computational Thinking. Paper presented at the Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference. September 2019. Evanston, IL.

Nguyen, H. Autonomous, but Together: Elementary Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Autonomy. Paper presented at the Annual American Educational Research Association. April 2019. Toronto, Canada.

Jacob, S., Nguyen, H., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. Developing a Computational Thinking Curriculum for Multilingual Students: An Experience Report. Poster presented at the Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Computing, Engineering, & Technology. February 2019. Minneapolis, MN.

Manuscripts Under Review

Nguyen, H., Wu, L., Fischer, C., Washington, G., & Warschauer, M. Increasing success in college: Examining the impact of a Project-Based introductory engineering course. Revise & resubmit at Journal of Engineering Education.

Nguyen, H. Profiles of teacher autonomy and teacher turnover: A latent class analysis.

Zhou, N., Nguyen, H., Fischer, C., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. Hybrid professional development program to promote high school teachers’ self-efficacy in computer science classroom.

Nguyen, H., Garcia, L., Jacob, S., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. Classroom use of discourse-rich tool to promote computational thinking.

Jacob, S., Nguyen, H., Garcia, L., Richardson, D., & Warschauer, M. Teaching computational thinking to multilingual students through inquiry-based learning: A cross-case analysis.

Campos, F., Ahn, J., Digiacomo, D., Nguyen, H., & Hays, M. One Chart, Many Meanings: Making Sense of Sensemaking in Learning Analytics Dashboard Design.

Ahn, J., Nguyen, H., & Campos, F. From Visible to Understandable: Designing for Teacher Agency in Education Data Visualizations.

Ahn, J., Nguyen, H., Wolters, A., Cuevas, J., Baeza, K., & Su, J. Moving from Everyday Information to Practical Analytics: Designing Crowdsourcing Tasks to Systematically Process Education Data.

Nguyen, H., Santagata, R., & Warschauer, M. Co-design Dynamics in Community Science Education: Teachers, Researchers, and Community Partners.


Invited Presentations & Workshops

Graphs & Visualizations in R. Workshop at Center for Creating Opportunities through Education. July 2019. Irvine, CA.

Fischer, C., Nguyen, H., & Warschauer, M. Advanced Placement Course Credit and Student Success in STEM Gateway Courses. Presentation at the Sloan Equity and Inclusion in STEM Introductory Courses Meeting. June 2019. Ann Arbor, MI.

Undergraduate Club Lightbulb Conversation. April 2019. Irvine, CA.

Computational Thinking for Educators. Lecture in 21st Century Literacies. April 2019. Irvine, CA.

Computational Thinking Research from a Design-Based Approach. Workshop facilitator at Google ExploreCSR. February 2019. Long Beach, CA.

R for Data Science. Workshop facilitator. January-March 2019. Irvine, CA.

Teaching in Undergraduate Settings

University Scholars Durham Public School Outreach. House Course Instructor. September-December 2017.Durham, NC.

Teaching in K-12 Settings

Freedom School Partner. K-2 Teacher. 2015. Charlotte, NC.

Durham Public Schools. K-6 Teaching Assistant. 2014-2016. Durham, NC.

Frydenhøjskolen. K-2 Teaching Assistant. 2016. Copenhagen, Denmark.


Programming Languages & Tools
Statistics Software